Hasbro Unveils Transformers Prime Beast Hunters at New York Comic Con

Posted on October 11, 2012

Predaking Toy from Hasbro

Hasbro has unveiled Transformers Prime Beast Hunters at New York Comic Con. Hasbro says Beast Hunters will be the touchstone for the Transformers brand in 2013, which will be driven by the animated Transformers Prime series. The beasts are comprised of a new Transformers faction called Predacons. They are led by Predaking (pictured above). Hasbro says the Predacons will join forces with the Decepticons to try and defeat the Autobots.

Aaron Archer, vice president of Transformers brand creative and design, said in a statement, "In recent years, Transformers fans have seen the Autobots battle the Decepticons. The Predacon faction, made up of menacing beasts that convert in ways mankind has never seen, have now joined the Decepticons to take down the Autobots. We're looking forward to exploring this new dynamic in the animation, action figures, KRE-O building sets, publishing and more."

The Beast Hunters line will launch in the spring of 2013. It will include new Kre-O Transformers building sets and action figures.

Photo: Hasbro