Hasbro's Comic-Con 2011 Toys

Posted on August 7, 2011

Hasbro 2011 Comic Con Toys

Grace Helbig visited Hasbro's headquarters for G4 to check out the toys Hasbro unveiled at Comic-Con 2011. Some of the new toys include a fully-articulated 6-inch Thor action figure and a Transformers G.I. Joe crossover toy.

There is also a new set of Indiana Jones anniversary toys, called the "Lost Wave." The set contains six action figures, including a Toht action figures, which a regular face and a melting face. Collider has some images of the set here.

Hasbro's Comic-Con 2011 toys can be found here on HasbroToyShop.com. The Hasbro building looks like a kid's paradise. Take a look:

Hasbro 2011 Comic Con Indiana Jones Lost Wave Set

Photos: Hasbro