Hatching Dragon Egg Candle Melts to Reveal Dragon Hidden Inside

Posted on June 3, 2016

Hatching Dragon Egg Candle

Unleash your inner Khaleesi with this new dragon egg candle from Firebox. The Hatching Dragon Candle starts out as an egg. As it melts the porcelain baby dragon hidden inside is revealed.

The egg is a golden color. The dragon inside is red, green or black. Firebox says the dragon color choice is random. The dragon will turn black as the candle melts but the black soot is easily wiped away.

Golden dragon egg candle

Firebox says, "Whilst you'll never be able to fully train a dragon (no matter what Dreamworks might have you believe), this hatchling gives you the unique opportunity to nurture a close bond while it's still young."

The candle costs $43.29 and can be found here on Firebox.com.

Photos: Firebox