Hawaii's Sea Life Park Welcomes Baby Bottlenose Dolphin

Posted on July 31, 2009

Waiohakaupo Baby Dolphin

Hi'iaka, an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, gave birth to a healthy baby girl at Hawaii's Sea Life Park on July 6, 2009. The baby has been named Waiohakaupo, Hawaiian for joyous life and breath of the waters of Kaupo. Waiohakaupo weighs approximately 40 to 45 pounds and measures 45 inches in length.

"Both mother and calf are doing well," said Jesus Bravo, general manager of Sea Life Park. "They are happy and everything suits them - their living conditions, the quantity and quality of food, and the love and attention of our staff."

Sea Life Park celebrated the birth of Waiohakaupo with a special Hawaiian blessing ceremony on Thursday, July 30th. "We've kept the good news under wraps for a few weeks to allow mother and child the privacy they need to stay healthy and strong," said Bravo.

Photo: PRNewsFoto/Sea Life Park Hawaii