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Here are the latest posts about Soap on Shoppers Shop:

  • Honey Bear Soap from Haslinger
    The Honey Bear Soap from Haslinger comes in the shape of a cute bear. (2019-09-05)

  • Lush Unveils Halloween Bath Bombs and Soaps
    Lush Cosmetics has a selection of spooky cleansing products for Halloween. (2018-10-09)

  • Donald Trump Soap Head for Your Shower
    This soap is shaped to resemble President Donald Trump's head. (2017-08-21)

  • Play-Doh Moldable Bath Soap From TownleyGirl
    Townley Cosmetics has launched a line of Play-Doh Bath Soap for kids ages three and up. (2017-06-12)

  • Old Spice Launches Bar Soap
    Old Spice has launched a bar soap that costs $1.79 for one and $3.99 for a six-pack. The bar soap comes in three different scents. (2013-04-08)

    Kelly Monaco Talks James Franco, New Dirty Soap Reality Show
    Kelly Monaco talks about James Franco's stint on General Hospital. (2011-09-23)

    Kiss My Face Launches Peace Soaps
    Kiss My Face has launched a line of Peace Soaps to celebrate International Peace Day on September 21st, 2011. (2011-09-21)

    Giant Lady Bathes in Hamburg's Alster Lake
    Unsuspecting boaters were shocked to find a giant woman reclining in Alster Lake in Hamburg, Germany. (2011-08-05)

    Canceled Soaps All My Children and One Life to Live Move Online
    ABC's canceled soaps, All My Children and One Life to Live, are moving online. (2011-07-08)

    Method Designs Mickey and Minnie Mouse Foaming Soap Bottles
    Method, a developer of eco-friendly household and personal care products, announced a collaboration with Disney Consumer Products. (2011-04-23)

    Lush Cosmetics Creates Charity Pot and Rising Sun Soap to Support Japan Relief Efforts
    Lush cosmetics has created a limited edition soap and Charity Pots to help with Japanese support efforts. (2011-04-22)

  • ABC Cancels One Life to Live and All My Children
    The long running soaps, All My Children and One Life to Live, are coming to an end. (2011-04-14)

  • Report: Buys for $540 Million
    Fortune reports that Amazon. (2010-11-06) Parent Company to Launch in July
    Quidsi, the parent company of Diapers. (2010-06-04)

    Handmade Soaps from the Wild Soapbar
    Maggie Hanus talks about her small soap making business, the Wild Soapbar, in this CNN clip. (2010-04-03)

    Padma Lakshmi is the Face of Dial NutriSkin
    Padma Lakshmi is the new face of Dial NutriSkin, a new line of body wash. (2010-04-02)

  • The Making of Olive Oil Soap in Marseille, France
    CNN's Atika Shubert investigated the 1,000-year-old tradition of making olive oil soap in Marseille, France. (2010-02-13)

  • Lysol Launches No-Touch Hand Soap System
    Germaphobes will be pleased with this new product. (2010-02-03)

    Tetris Shaped Soaps
    Etsy user Digitalsoaps has created these clever Tetris-shaped soap bars. (2009-06-05)