HEB Launches HEB Organics Line

Posted on March 16, 2014

HEB Organics

HEB has announced the launch of a new HEB Organics product line. The products are all USDA certified organic, which prohibits GMOs. HEB says that for the meat and dairy products the animals were raised on organic feed with no added growth hormones. HEB also says the products are processed in a USDA-certified organic facility. Some of the products in the line include beef, canned vegetables, cereal, coffee, juice, bagged vegetables, cheese, tortilla chips and salad dressing.

HEB Chief Merchant Martin Otto says in a statement, "As the number one food provider in Texas, it is H-E-B's goal to give our customers the best food choices at the lowest possible prices, and that includes organics. As a company, we strive for sustainability in our offerings and business practices, and we know our customers are thinking the same way. Demand for organic products has risen steadily over the past few years, yet many organics remain out of reach for customers on a budget. That's why we are so excited to introduce our customers to H-E-B Organics giving Texas families an affordable way to go organic."

Photo: HEB