Hellmann's Celebrates 100th Anniversary By Building World's Longest Picnic Table

Posted on October 6, 2013

Katie Holmes and Mario Batali at Hellmann's 100th birthday celebration

Hellmann's celebrated its 100th anniversary last week by constructing the world's longest picnic table. The 320-foot-long picnic table was certified as the world's longest by Guinness Wold Records. Katie Holmes was a special guest at the event. Other guests included Chef Mario Batali, Chef Tim Love, Chef Aaron Sanchez, Andy Cohen and Paul Pierce.

Katie Holmes at Hellmanns 100 birthday celebration

The enormous picnic table was constructed from pine wood and weighed 8,000 pounds. The table was disassembled after the event and donated to Build it Green, which will use it for building projects in New York City. Take a look:

Photos: Hellmann's/Multivu