Holiday Auction Fraud Concerns

Posted on December 2, 2005

An article from WQAD lists the top ten dot cons and look what's listed at number one -- Online Auctons.
THE BAIT -- A hard-to-find item at bargain-basement prices.

THE CATCH -- When you're on Ebay or any other auction site, things can go very wrong, very fast. It can be nearly impossible to guarantee the quality of what you're buying and the reputation of the online seller. If you get caught in a bum deal, legal action is tough, especially if you're doing business with someone out of state.

YOUR SAFETY NET -- You should really think twice before making big purchases, like a car, over the Internet. If you are doing business online, insist on paying with a credit card and always use an escrow service like paypal. Then you have some protection if you get a bum deal.
There are many articles discussing fraud and online auctions this time of year. People using online auctions are concerned about fraud, as they should be, so sellers need to go the extra mile to provide as much information as possible about themselves and the products they are selling if they want to convince buyers. Sellers also need to make sure they understand feedback and that they are not unintentionally displaying one of the warning signs of a bad seller.