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Shower Curtain Features Artwork of Huge Whale Underneath a Ship
Add some scenery to your bathroom with the Whale Shower Curtain. (2018-10-06)

Skeleton Toilet Bowl Brush Set for Halloween
Finally, your toilet brush can be part of your Halloween d├ęcor. (2018-09-26)

  • Cute Cat Face Bath Mats
    These cute bath mats from Urban Outfitters are in the shape of a cat face. They come in grey and black styles. (2018-02-14)

  • Rubber Whale Bathmat by Kikkerland
    Kikkerland has made a rubber whale bathmat. It has suction cups underneath. (2016-08-29)

    Commode Dragon Tyrant Holds Your Bath Tissue
    This dragon tyrant will hold your toilet paper for you in the bathroom. It is from Design Toscano. (2016-06-21)

    Transform Your Bathroom Into the Star Trek Transporter Room With Shower Curtain Set
    You can transform your bathroom into the Star Trek Transporter Room with ths unique bath mat and shower curtain set. (2014-03-30)

    The iPad Commode Caddy Holds iPad and Toilet Paper Roll
    The iPad Commode Caddy is a stand that will hold your iPad and a toilet paper roll. It costs $99.95. (2013-05-16)

  • Cloo App Helps People Find and Rent Residential Bathrooms
    A new app named Cloo may come in very handy if you need a restroom. (2011-09-07)

  • Charmin Creates World's Largest Toilet Paper Roll
    The Charmin brand created the world's largest roll of toilet paper. (2011-08-26)

    Jason Wu Designs Bathroom Faucet Collection for Brizo
    Jaosn Wu has designed a bathroom faucet collection for Brizo, a luxury bathroom fittings and accessories brand. (2011-05-01)

  • Kimberly-Clark Raising Prices on Diapers, Bathroom Tissue
    Inflation may be arriving at a time when American consumers cannot afford it. (2011-03-17)

  • Kim Kardashian Helps Open Charmin Restrooms in Times Square in Time for Black Friday
    Kim Kardashian joined the Procter & Gamble Charmin brand to officially open the fifth consecutive year of the Charmin Restrooms. (2010-11-24)

    Lady Sandra Home Fashions Launches Justin Bieber Bed and Bath Collection
    Lady Sandra Home Fashions has launched a Justin Bieber bed and bath collection. (2010-09-25)

    Reflect Showerhead Contains a Fog Free Mirror
    Cool Hunting reports that this cool mirror and showerhead combo, called Reflect, was designed to not fog up. (2010-07-11)

    Elizabeth Arden Launches Spa Collection at Bed Bath & Beyond
    Elizabeth Arden has launched a spa collection at Bed Bath & Beyond stores. (2010-05-24)

    Lilly Pulitzer and Garnet Hill Partner For Bath and Bedding Collection
    Lilly Pulitzer and Garnet Hill teamed up to launch a new home collection. (2010-03-13)

    All Nippon Airways to Offer Women Only Restrooms on International Flights
    All Nippon Airways is designating restrooms on international flights that will be for women only. (2010-02-24)

    Frightening Japanese Toilet Paper Contains Horror Novel
    Some strange toilet paper with a horror story printed will go on sale in Japan on June 6th. (2009-05-30)

    Charmin Sponsored iPhone App Finds Nearby Restrooms
    Charmin has sponsored the launch of a new BlackBerry and iPhone application called SitorSquat that lets users quickly locate a nearby restroom. (2009-03-26)

  • Towel Warmers Hot Luxury Trend
    Do you have one of those outdated bathrooms that only serves cold towels? Once exclusive to luxury models the towel warmers can be bought for homes at an affordable price range of $200 to $2,000 according to a report in The Oregonian. (2004-11-15)