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Here are the latest posts about Lamps on Shoppers Shop:

Amazon Unveils Echo Glow Smart Lamp
Amazon unveiled a new light version of Echo lineup called Echo Glow (2019-09-26)

Butta Toast Night Light
This night light resembles a cute buttered piece of toast. (2018-10-07)

  • ThinkGeek LED Potion Desk Lamp for Fantasy Fans
    ThinkGeek carries a color changing LED lamp that resembles a magic potion. It is powered by micro-USB. (2018-04-16)

  • GE SOL Table Lamp Contains Amazon Alexa
    The GE SOL LED Table Lamp has Amazon Alexa embedded inside of it. (2017-05-08)

  • IKEA Tvars Table Lamp
    IKEA has created a low-cost lamp that looks like a spaceship. It is called Tvars. (2017-04-26)

  • Pac-Man Ghost Light is a Color Changing Mood Light
    The Pac-Man Ghost Light is a color changing mood light from Paladone. It is USB powered. (2016-08-08)

    Cute Little Cloud Lamp from FriendsWithYou
    The Little Cloud Lamp is a limited edition lamp providing multiple light intensities. (2016-07-19)

    Nessie Table Lamps are Furry and Bendable
    Nessie Table Lamps from LumiSource have a fabric covering. They are bendable LED lamps that are powered by batteries or USB. (2016-06-29)

    Smoko Launches Giant Unicorn Lamp on Kickstarter
    Smoko has a Giant Unicorn Lamp available on Kickstarter. The lamp has multiple speed modules. (2015-07-03)

    Kim Kardashian Talks Preeclampsia and Losing Baby Weight on Tonight Show
    Kim Kardashian talked about losing the baby weight with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show (2013-11-07)

    Lava Lamp Turns Fifty
    The Lava Lamp turned fifty this past week. It was created in 1963. (2013-09-09)

    Pac-Man Ghost Lamps at ThinkGeek
    ThinkGeek has lamps that resemble the ghosts from the Pac-Man arcade game. (2011-12-03)

    Architect Berry Lamp at Crate and Barrel
    Crate and Barrel has added a line of adjustable Architect Berry Lamps. (2011-08-20)

    Tiffany Lamps on Display at Biltmore
    The Tiffany at Biltmore exhibition is now open at Biltmore, George Vanderbilt's 8,000-acre mountain estate. (2011-07-11)

    XXXLamp: Eden Design's Enormous Lamp
    Eden Design makes an enormous lamp called the XXXLamp. (2010-01-31)

    Thomas De Lussac's Moonwalk Lamps
    These are timely lamps considering Michael Jackson is back on tour this summer. (2009-04-15)