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Santa's House in The North Pole has a Zillow Listing
Santa's House in the The North Pole has a listing on Zillow. It is a cozy looking home. (2016-12-17)

Belgian Architects to Design City Palace in Saudi Arabia
Belgian Architects Danny De Munter and Wim Gyselinck have won a bid to design a new city palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (2012-04-21)

  • Exotic Homes: Former Cold War Satellite Station on the Market for $3 Million in Carmel Valley, California
    For a mere $3 million, you can own a piece of history in lovely Carmel Valley, California. (2012-03-03)

  • Report: Vacancy Rate at U.S. Malls and Strip Malls Increasing
    You have likely noticed that many of the vacant retail spaces at your local mall and strip malls have remained vacant since the recession began in 2008. (2011-07-10)

  • Obama's Chicago Neighbor is Selling His Home
    The house next to President Obama's home in Chicago is up for sale. (2009-10-19)

  • Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House to be Sold
    Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House is to be sold. (2009-06-19)

  • Candy Spelling Wants $150 Million for Spelling Mansion
    The Spelling manor is going up for sale with a $150 million price tag. (2009-03-27)

  • Monaco Home to World's Most Expensive Residential Property
    Wealth Bulletin reports that the latest Knight Frank Prime International Residential Index shows Monaco with the most expensive prime real estate property in the world. (2009-03-24)

  • Hugh Hefner to Sell Home Next to Playboy Mansion
    Hugh Hefner is putting his home at S Mapleton Dr in Los Angeles, Calif. (2009-03-13)

  • Foreclosures Soared 30% in February
    The number of foreclosures in U. (2009-03-12)

  • Celebs Losing Money in Dubai Real Estate Investments
    The Mirror says stars including David and Victoria Beckham and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as losing six figures a week as their Dubai real estate investments lose value. (2009-03-09)

  • A Change in the Way Realtors Sell Pricey Apartments
    New York realtors are having to change the way they write their ads in order to sell pricey apartments. (2009-03-01)

  • Recession Fallout: Now Landlords Have to Pass Credit Checks
    Normally when a commercial tenant signs a lease it is subjected to stringent credit checks. (2009-02-21)

  • Albert, Texas is for Sale. Asking Price is $883,000
    The historic small town of Albert, Texas is up for sale. (2009-02-18)

  • Home Prices Fall Steeply in Major Metropolitan Areas
    Bloombeg reports that home prices fell in 24 out of 25 U. (2009-01-30)

  • Mega Mansions Selling Well in Bel Air
    Although the housing market may not be so great in the rest of the nation, in Los Angeles, developers can't keep up with the demand for mega-mansions. (2008-06-12)

  • Zillow's Make Me Move Feature Attracts Homeowners
    Homeowners are using Zillow's Make Me Move feature according to an article in Fortune. (2007-03-12)