Hot Luxury Home Trends: Second Kitchens and Underground Garages

Posted on November 7, 2007

Two home trends gaining in popularity are second kitchens and underground garages. An article in Realtor magazine says the second kitchens fit into three categories.
Second kitchens tend to fall into three categories: those still-rare high-end restaurant-style kitchens for personal chefs and caterers, lower-cost functional kitchens for home cooking too messy or smoky for the luxury show kitchen seen by guests, and small auxiliary kitchens used primarily for religious holidays or for entertaining.
These second kitchens are ideal for homes that hire a personal chef. Homeowners that do a lot of entertaining may also find a second kitchen a great place to allow caterers to set-up their gourmet deliveries. It also keeps them out of your main kitchen while they make your delicious gourmet meal.

Another emerging luxury home trend is underground garages. The idea is becoming more popular for homeowners who want an underground garage so they can save space for a bigger yard or a pool. An article in the McClatchy Tribune says going underground with your garage can ad about 10% to the cost. The article does flag some concerns about water problems in underground garages and the need for a sump pump.
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