Hot Tablet Deals for Black Friday 2014

Posted on November 17, 2014

Walmart offers RCA 7-inch Android tablet for Black Friday

There is such a wide range of tablets on the market this year that there really is a tablet for every budget. As for Black Friday, there will be great deals on high, medium and low priced models. If you're looking to upgrade, this is a good time. Prices for cheap non-name brand Android tablets will hit a low this Black Friday. There will also be great deals available on tablets from name brands, such as the iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This year it's easy to find Android tablets for under $50. The lowest tablet deal of all appears to be Walmart's RCA 7-inch Android tablet for $29. This deal (pictured above) is one of Walmart's 1-Hour Guarantee deals. Other cheap tablet deals include a DigiLand 7-inch tablet from Best Buy for $39.99 and a Mercury 7 tablet for $39.99 from Target. Kmart and Sears will be selling a tablet called the Mach Speed Xtreme Play 7-inch for $39.99. Hhgregg will sell a Proscan 7-inch tablet for $36.99. Staples will sell a JLab Android 7-inch for $39.99. Target is selling the RCA 7-inch for $39.99 and an 8-inch version for $69.99. Other cheap 2014 Android deals include Hhgregg's Toshiba Excite Go tablet deal for $59.99. The cheapest deal for a 10-inch Android model appears to be Walmart's deal for an RCA Pro 10-inch Tablet for $79.

Most of the higher-end tablets offered by major retailers for Black Friday are devices from Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. The newest entry in the iPad line is the recently announced iPad Air 2. The introduction of this new model means there are many deals for the first iPad Air as well as earlier iPad models and iPad Minis for Black Friday. There are also some good iPad Air 2 deals.

Target offers the iPad Air 2 for $499 + $140 gift card for Black Friday

Dealnews has already proclaimed Target as the winner of tablet deals this Black Friday. Target is offering a $140 gift card with purchase of the iPad Air 2 for $499. That's the best deal on Apple's newest tablet. Best Buy is offering $100 off the iPad Air 2, which puts the 16GB version at $399. Meijer is selling the Apple tablet for $489 plus a $100 store coupon.

The original iPad Air and iPad Minis are also being discounted. Target is offering a $100 gift card with the purchase of the iPad Air 16GB for $399 and a $100 gift card with purchase of the iPad Mini 3 for $399. Target is also offering the iPad mini2 for $299 with a $100 gift card. Some retailers that have the iPad Air 16GB at $299 include Hhgregg and Sam's Club. Walmart will sell the iPad Air 16GB model for $397 plus a free $100 gift card. Walmart has the iPad Mini 16GB for $199 as one of its 1-Hour Guarantee deals.

Deals on the Samsung Galaxy Tab can be found at several retailers. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7-inch will be $149.99 ($50 off) at Toys R Us, Kmart and Sam's Club on Black Friday. RadioShack and Best Buy will also offer it for $149. Best Buy will also have the the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 for $199. Sam's Club will have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1-inch tablet for $249.

As for Microsoft tablets, Best Buy will be selling the Surface Pro 3 for a $100 to $150 discount according to ZDNet. Best Buy will also the Microsoft Surface 2 32GB tablet for $299.99 ($150 off). Walmart will be selling a Nextbook 8-inch Windows tablet for $99. There are also likely to be discounts at the Microsoft Store which holds a Black Friday sale each year.

Images: Walmart/Target