How to Spot Fake Product Reviews

Updated March 30, 2019, originally posted on November 4, 2011

There are lots of review websites on the Internet. Authentic reviews can be a great help for people buying products or looking for a restaurant to go to. CBS Early Show's Regina Lewis says some of the review sites do scan for patterns to try and catch reviews that have been paid for and are fake. Regina also mentions some red flags in reviews that indicate they may be fake, such as an overuse of exclamation points or the use of first person.

Reviews are a great tool for online shopping. However, if you are really unsure about the reviews for a product and it is an expensive item you might want to consider viewing the item in person at a bricks-and-mortar retailer before spending your money.

Update: The CBS video is no longer available but spotting fake reviews has evolved over the years to include many other tactics. Here are some more resources for spotting fake reviews:

Finally, here is a helpful video from CNET about spotting fake reviews.

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