HP Planning Line of 3D Printers

Posted on February 6, 2010

Wired reports that HP has partnered with Stratasys to create a line of 3D printers that will cost around $15,000. The 3D printers will be marketed to businesses, designers and architects.
"This is the boldest step we have seen so far in 3-D printing," says Scott Summit, chief technology officer for Bespoke Innovations, a company that creates 3-D artifacts for medical use. "A lot of people want to do 3-D printing but it is a mysterious world. With HP embracing it, it is likely to demystify the idea to many consumers."

HP's printers will be manufactured by Stratasys, a company that specializes in 3-D printers.

The printers have long been used by designers and architects in computer aided design (CAD) to create prototypes before finalizing on the design for larg-scale production. But these printers cost many thousands of dollars and have been popular with only a select group of specialists.
At $15,000 the printers will be out of the price range for most hobbyists. Wired says there is a do-it-yourself 3D printer kit called Makerbot that hobbyists can purchase for around $950. You can read more about Makerbot here.

Eventually 3D printers will get cheaper and they will do much more. People will be able to download molding patterns from the Internet and create products like toys, cups, plates, vases and other products at home with their own 3D rapid prototyping machine. Some believe technology like this could revolutionize several industries.