Huggy Buddha Gund Plush Toys

Posted on June 7, 2016

Gund Huggy Buddha Gray

Gund has launched a line of Huggy Buddha plush toys. The deal for plush toys was first announced last year.

The toys include 7.5-inch and 11-inch versions in colors gray, pink and blue. There is also a Huggy Buddha backpack clip. Prices range from $12 for the backpack clip to $30 for the 11-inch Huggy Buddha. You can find the plush toys here on

Gund Huggy Buddha Pink

The original Huggy Buddha toy is 25 cm tall (9.8 inches) and gray. It was designed by Sandra de Vries at Big Buddha in Voorburg, the Netherlands.

Huggy Buddha inventor Sandra de Vries says, "I just had this idea: to give my first grandchild a soft Buddha, for a happy life. It seemed so obvious to me. But I found out that no one before me had ever thought about it. So I decided to create it myself. Not only for my grandchild, but for every child and person in the World."

The full Gund Huggy Buddha plush line is also available on

Gund Huggy Buddha Blue

Photos: Gund