Hyundai to Display Zombie Survival Machine at New York Comic-Con

Posted on October 9, 2013

Hyundai The Walking Dead fan designed Zombie Survival Machine

Hyundai and The Walking Dead are bringing a fan-designed Zombie Survival Machine to life at New York Comic-Con. The living attendees of Comic-Con will bea ble to see the fan-built vehicle on the show floor on October 10. Kuo's Santa Fe design was picked as the winner out of more than 82,500 fan submissions. The camouflaged Zombie Survival Machine featurues knife blades, an automatic crossbow, razor-wired windows, three machine guns, a samurai sword, aluminum armor and a muffler silencer.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman said in a statement, "Having Anson's winning design on display at New York Comic-Con is a fun way to celebrate The Walking Dead's 10th anniversary."

Photo: Hyundai