Inkling Launches Digital Textbook Platform

Posted on August 21, 2010

Inkling iPad App

Inkling has launched an iPad app that allows users to use interactive textbooks. Users can purchase an entire textbook or an individual chapter from the book. The books can include interactive elements, such as movies, 3-D objects, and guided tours. They can also contain quizzes and tests so users can test their knowledge.

Matt MacInnis, Founder and CEO of Inkling, says, "Inkling uses multitouch interactivity to create engaging learning experiences. Rather than replicating a book on a screen, Inkling puts 3-D objects, video, quizzes, and even social interaction right at a student's fingertips inside the textbook."

Inkling's sync technology also lets students collaborate in real time by sharing their notes and highlights with one another. Students can see comments from their friends and professors alongside their own notes.

Inkling iPad App