Intel Revealed Wireless Charging Bowl at CES 2014

Posted on February 9, 2014

Intel Wireless Charging Bowl

Intel revealed a design for a smart wireless charging bowl at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. CNET reports that an image of the bowl was shown on the screen during Intel's CES keynote.

The current design of the bowl works with Intel's smart headset. Intel says in a factsheet that you simply drop the headset into the bowl and it will start recharging. The smart wireless charging bowl has a 10-inch diameter.

Intel says the bowl will be capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously without exact alignment or placement. It works using magnetic resonance technology. Intel says it is developing wireless charging technology to deliver "no wires" convenience across for many types of mobile devices. The technology will use the A4WP industry specification that Intel is actively helping to develop.

A release date for the smart charging bowl has not been set, but you will see cool charging devices like this is the near future.

Photo: Intel