Inventor Plans Cuboid-Shaped Kitchen Gadgets

Posted on May 29, 2009

New Scientist reports that bagless vacuum inventor James Dyson is plotting a way to re-invent the kitchen. The inventor has filed a US patent application for a space-saving kitchen idea that would replace today's jug and dome-shaped gadgets with cube-shaped ones.
The Dyson team say the trouble with today's kettles, toasters, juicers, food mixers and coffee grinders is that each type of gadget tends to have a different space-hogging design. Kettles tend to be jug or dome-shaped, with a protruding handle and flex on one side, and a spout on the other. Toasters are generally box shaped, with the timing and toast ejection mechanisms protruding from one end. That means users must leave a large "footprint" around each appliance so that their handles and controls can be reached easily.

"Due to their various different shapes and sizes, these appliances cannot be closely packed together on the counter, resulting in an amount of wasted counter space between the appliances which can't be used for other purposes, such as food preparation," the Dyson team write.
New Scientist describes the idea in the patent to "make all free-standing gadgets like kettles, toasters, juicers and food mixers in the shape of tall cuboids." The cuboid kitchen gadgets would then be easy to store since they were all the same shape. It would make things easier if they were the same size but it's hard to picture a cuboid kettle.