Is Sears Too Much Reality For Second Life?

Posted on January 10, 2007

Sears in second life

Second Life is an online virtual world that has been generating an enormous amount of press over the past several months. Lately some retailers have been setting up shop in the virtual world which claims to have two million members. Now Sears is setting up a store inside the virtual world. Sears is calling it the Sears Virtual Home.

It is great that retailers are supporting the world. The 3-D modeling offered in Second Life may help consumers create mock-ups for a countertop or design a living room. The technology is still quite crude, but eventually this type of 3-D modeling will work.

But here's the problem. Isn't this really just a little too much reality for what's supposed to be a fun online game? If you are leaving reality for a virtual world where you can do anything, then anything you can imagine you can create. Don't you really want the very best products? Don't you want to wear the hippest high-end fashions, drive the hottest vehicles and own the most fabulous real estate? Do you really want to create a virtual house furnished by Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Sears and wear clothes from the Gap?

If the sky's the limit, why wouldn't you want to wear an Armani suit or a Versace dress while you sip the finest champagne? You can relax on the deck as your $50 million yacht glides across a clear purple sea while five spectacular Suns set in the distance. No doubt your personal mermaid chorus will serenade you on your journey.

Or you could go to Sears and find a virtual washer and dryer...yawn.

Photo: Sears

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