Jay Mohr Apologizes to Alyssa Milano for Insensitive Jokes

Posted on January 4, 2014

Jay Mohr made some insensitive jokes about Alyssa Milano's weight in a podcast. Alyssa then called out Mohr on Twitter for fat shaming her. Jay Mohr then wrote a sincere apology on his blog.
"I had thought (incorrectly) in an improvisational moment, that the incongruousness of my statements, when held up to the light of how beautiful Alyssa Milano is, would have been funny given that she is the size of a thimble. It wasn't funny. Knowing that Alyssa, as well as her family, friends, fans, and especially her husband, heard things that were hurtful from my mouth crushed me."
We are glad Mohr apologized. Fat jokes are insensitive and mean. Alyssa Milano was also a very odd choice for one. She always looks great as the host of Project Runway All Stars. Alyssa accepted Mohr's apology. She also got the last laugh, by making a spanx joke and using a #passthecookies hashtag. Take a look: