Jennifer Lopez and Olivier Rousteing Cover Paper Magazine

Posted on August 26, 2015

Jennifer Lopez and Olivier Rousteing cover Paper magazine September 2015 issue

Jennifer Lopez and Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing cover the September 2015 issue of Paper Magazine. Jennifer wears dresses and outfits designed by Rousteing in the cover shoot.

You can see the photos from the cover shoot in the Paper feature. We love the flowing orange, navy and black coat JLo wears over a navy bodysuit. She also wears some amazing palazzo pants.

Jennifer and Olivier discuss luxury, fashion and celebrities in the interview. Rousteing agrees that fashion houses need celebrities these days. He tells Paper, "Yeah, because celebrities are so inspiring. It doesn't matter about the money or where you live or where you come from. I think celebrities have something to say to the world, and they have a communication that is so inspiring to the new generation. And communication is what's most important today. I think celebrities help fashion survive."

Jennifer explained what luxury means to her outside of fashion. She says, "Everyone has their own definition of luxury. For me, sometimes it means the quiet moments away from the business of my life, when I get to spend time with my children and my family. And I agree with Olivier: freedom of choice is a true luxury. We are lucky to have it."

Jennifer also talked about having Rousteing create the costumes for her upcoming Vegas residency, which begins in January 2016. She told Paper, "I think of it like Bob Mackie with Cher, or even with Diana Ross. People like that who really created for a singer, a stage performer. You think of Cher at the Oscars -- that thing she wore on her head and everyone went, 'Who did this?' Again, it was so her and it was so custom made. It goes back to how luxurious it was: you wouldn't see that everyday. That's what I imagine the Vegas show to be. I would love to work with Olivier on the show, even if he couldn't do the whole thing, to really create something timeless. We still talk about those things because they made such a mark, but Bob and Cher had a real relationship. It was those special relationships between designers that really created timeless fashion moments and timeless moments in pop culture."

Rousteing is obviously going to have to make a few costumes for her show now after this. It won't be a problem. He already said in the interview, "I'm for it completely."

Here's a short video with some of the behind-the-scenes footage. Take a look:

Photo: Paper magazine