Jennifer Lopez Shares Album Cover Art on Instagram

Posted on June 22, 2014

Jennifer Lopez wears gold arm jewelry in AKA album photo

Jennifer Lopez has been sharing artwork for her new album on Instagram. Jlo's new album, A.K.A., was released June 13 through Capitol Records. Jlo wears lots of gold arm jewelry in the top photograph and she wears a white hooded top in the second photo.

More artwork from the album can be found on Jlo's Instagram account, @jlo. The first single from A.K.A., "Same Girl" was released in January. "I Luh Ya Papi" was released in March. A music video for "First Love," was released late last month. It features model David Gandy and was directed by Anthony Mandler.

Jennifer Lopez wears a white hooded top in AKA album photo

Jennifer recently covered Billboard and talked about her new album. She says with her 8th album she doesn't feel like she has anything to prove anymore. Jlo says, "...all these people who came a generation before this one and showed us that you don't have to, as a young woman, have an expiration date. You can go on, and you can do what you want into your 60s and 70s and you can be powerful and be vulnerable and be human."

Photos: Jennifer Lopez/Capitol Records