Jessica Alba Covers L.A. Confidential Magazine

Posted on March 8, 2012

Jessica Alba LA Confidential 2012

Jessica Alba graces the cover of the latest issue of L.A. Confidential. In the interview, Jessica talks about balancing her career with parenting and what's it's like voicing an animated character and how her style has evolved.

On Voicing a Character in Escape from Planet Earth: "It's pretty cute. The style of acting for an animated film is much more over-the-top, whether you're trying to be dramatic or funny. And when you hear your voice [coming from an animated character], it's bizarre. [You think,] That's what I sound like to people?"

On Balancing Parenting and Her Career: "It's not perfect. I'm constantly feeling I should be spending more time at home. I installed a kids' corner in the office, and the baby is really easy right now. But every day is evolving and changing. If I'm not going to be home all day, I know I'll be home at night."

On How Her Style Has Evolved: "I have changed a lot. I didn't use to wear a lot of color. I guess I've been more adventurous with my style and clothes choices since I've become a mother. It doesn't feel as heavy or as big of a deal. Before, I was incredibly bashful and shy. When I was younger, I was really uncomfortable in dresses and high heels or anything like that. Over the years, I've embraced a more feminine side."

Here is a behind the scenes video of Jessica's cover shoot, which was shot by photographer Brian Bowen Smith. You can see some still photographs from the cover shoot here.

Photo: L.A. Confidential