Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama Perform the Evolution of Mom Dancing

Posted on February 23, 2013

Jimmy Fallon and Michele Obama in Evolution of Mom Dancing

In honor of the First Lady's Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign which encourages parents and kids to get active, the First Lady joined Jimmy Fallon for a little dance performance. Jimmy is dressed as a mom, of course, wearing a wig, a cardigan and some khaki pants. He and Mrs. Obama perform the "Evolution of Mom Dancing" which takes your classic mom gestures and turns them into new dance moves. The dance duo demonstrates such classic mom dances as "Go Shopping, Get Groceries," "The Sprinkler," "The Happy Snapper," "The Pulp Fiction," "The Out of Sync Electric Slide," "Just The Hands Part Of 'All The Single Ladies'" and "The 'Where's Your Father?' (Get Him Back Here!)." This would have been really funny with only Jimmy, with Mrs. Obama it's hilarious. Take a look:

Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC