Jimmy Fallon Finally Gets Jennifer Lopez to Dance With Him

Posted on June 17, 2014

Jennifer Lopez wears a white Solace London dress on The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon finally got his dance with Jennifer Lopez, who looked stunning on the show in a low cut white cocktail dress by Solace London, Christian Louboutin heels and a gold and white leather cuff bracelet by Hermes. Last month on The Tonight Show Jennifer Lawrence revealed how mad she was at Jimmy Fallon for bailing out at the last minute of their plan to swirl across the dance floor and ask Jennifer Lopez to dance at the Met Gala.

Jimmy got the high sign from JLo's manager that she didn't want to dance and so Jimmy bailed on the plan leaving Jennifer Lawrence looking silly on the dance floor. Well, JLo heard about what happened and explained her side of it. She said that she was dancing on the booth waiting for Kanye to go on and the dance floor was hot and crowed, a real mosh pit. She thought Jennifer Lawrence wanted them all to go out in the crowed and JLo said it was better to see from the booth. But then she felt bad because JLaw looked sad. She then berated Jimmy for bailing out on the bit.

Jimmy asked her dance, and they began a latin dance number. Jimmy shouted out to Jennifer Lawrence to look at him dancing with JLo. But then Jimmy got carried away with a rose in his teeth, leaving JLo to stalk off the dance floor. It's really funny, take a look:

Photo: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC