Jimmy Kimmel Defends Jennifer Aniston and the Friends Reunion Sketch

Posted on August 31, 2014

Photo of Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow,  Guillermo and Jimmy Kimmel taking a bow for the Friends reunion skit

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow all participated in a min-Friends reunion sketch set up by Jimmy Kimmel. Jennifer was a guest on the show and Jimmy sprang the surprise on her that he had recreated the kitchen set from the popular sitcom.

He then forced her to act out his bizarre fan fiction script with the help of Courtney and Lisa. He played Ross and kept trying to shoehorn in a skeezy love scene. It was a very funny bit, especially when Jen flat out refused to wear a "Rachel" wig.

The gag was that the script was horrible and that Jennifer was very annoyed at Jimmy over making her do this. Well, apparently Jen's acting was so good that the commenters on Youtube just went nuts about how awful the script was and how annoyed Jen was. They did not believe it was a set up, scripted moment and just couldn't get over how upset Jen was and how she couldn't act as Rachel any more.

It got so out of control on Twitter that Jimmy had to make this video to set the record straight. He said he could not believe that people thought Jen was surprised -- or angry. They had been practicing the skit for several days. And, you know, she's not blind -- she could clearly see the giant Friends set on the stage. He also said she deserves an Emmy for convincing so many people she was genuinely surprised and upset by the bit. Here's a clue: they all took a bow together after the skit. Oh, and Jen and Jimmy and his wife vacation together in Cabo frequently. They're all good friends. Here's Jimmy's very funny explanation and analysis of the Twitter comments:

And here is the original skit that caused all the uproar:

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