Joan Rivers Storms Out of CNN Interview with Fredricka Whitfield

Posted on July 5, 2014

Cover of Diary of a Mad Diva by Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers is having quite a week. When asked by a photographer if she thought we'd ever have a gay president she said we already have one. Then she added that surely he knew that Michelle Obama is a tranny. The confused photographer asked "a what?" and she explained, "a transvestite."

This shocking exchange happened just after Joan had performed a gay wedding ceremony at one of her booksignings. She's on tour to promote her new book Diary of a Mad Diva and no one is safe from her insult humor.

Joan was a guest on CNN and was interviewed by the always polite and professional anchor Fredricka Whitfield. Fredricka just radiates nice which just makes the entire incident so odd. Fredricka asked Joan about all the controversy she's generated lately, from insulting celebrities, to upsetting PETA (she had PETA protesters at the same booksigning).

Joan just lost it, telling Fredricka that the entire interview was just too negative and defensive and that Fredricka should not be interviewing someone who does humor for a living. This is after blasting Fredricka for asking about PETA. Fredricka clearly thought Joan was joking and not really angry when Joan asked her if she wears leather shoes and if so, then to shut up. In fact, the questions seemed like set ups for more jokes to us.

We recall a grilling by NPR about Joan's mean schtick in which she just lobbed back jokes and insults at the interviewer -- the usual. Not this time. She jumped off her chair and left the interview. Fredricka still thought it was part of her act, but apparently Joan left her microphone on and let fly with a string of four letter words insulting the anchor. We're just not buying it that she was truly infuriated by these questions which she's been asked many times. The result is more publicity for her book and that's what Joan wants. We do wonder why Fredericka didn't lead with the insults to Mrs. Obama, which Joan has now said was actually a compliment. See for yourself:

Photo: Penguin Group

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