John Hodgman Proclaims Obama the First Nerd President

Posted on June 20, 2009

Comedian and writer John Hodgman (who is best known as the amiable PC in the Mac vs. PC commercials) got a standing ovation at the 65th annual Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner after his very clever headnote speech which gently poked fun at President Obama for being the first nerd president. Hodgman showed many examples of the president's geeky credentials -- a love of comic books and science, and the ability to perfectly execute the Vulcan salute -- and then grilled the president on his Dune lore. But he also used the occasion to make a few serious points, as well. John Hodgman is a scream -- we love him. He struck just the right humorous note, and clearly President Obama got a big kick out of his speech. Take a look:

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