John Malkovich Stars in Super Bowl Ad for Squarespace

Posted on January 28, 2017

John Malkovich in Squarespace Super Bowl Ad

Actor John Malkovich stars in what will likely go down as one of this year's top Super Bowl ads. Malkovich is seeking a domain name for himself. He is very late to the domain name game and he is angry that another John Malkovich is using his name.

The ad was directed by Miles Jay of Smuggler for the creative collective JohnXHannes. It is a continuation of the Journey film where Malkovich attempts to build a reputation for himself as a serious fashion designer.

Malkovich can be seen looking at his laptop at the start of the funny ad. He really wants the domain and he gets really angry when he sees that the site is taken by someone using it for a fishing site. Malkovich starts cursing and proceeds to compose an email to the John Malkovich behind the fishing website.

This is the prequel of the upcoming Super Bowl ad. Squarespace says, "the spot ends on Malkovich deciding to call the guy instead; the in-game spot, we suppose, will reveal the outcome." We look forward to seeing the resolution of Malkovich's domain ordeal. Take a look:

Image: Squarespace/YouTube