Jon Hamm Explains Season Five of Mad Men in Star Wars Terminology

Posted on March 14, 2012

Mad Men's Jon Hamm, January Jones, Jay R. Ferguson and creator Matthew Weiner walked the red carpet at Paleyfest. They talked about the new season of the show, but were pretty tight lipped about what was going to happen next. Jay R. Ferguson got asked a really difficult question. He was asked to describe season five in Star Wars terminology. He first had to figure out who Don Draper would be in that universe. He said Don is Han Solo, but then he couldn't elaborate any further because he wasn't allowed to give away any plot points at all. When told of that characterization, Jon Hamm laughed and tried to go along with the request. He said that this season Han Solo (Don) is not frozen in carbonite and there aren't any Ewoks...yet. Good heavens, that is one scary -- and hilarious -- characterization of season five.

January Jones says Betty has an amazing arc in the fifth season. She says she almost feels like she's playing a different character each season. Hmmm...we wonder what creator Matthew Weiner thought about that? Luckily, he's no Marc Cherry. We've never heard that Matthew likes to knock around his actresses when they mouth off. Take a look: