Jon Lovitz Hypnotizes Viewers in Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl Ad

Posted on January 27, 2017

Jon Lovitz Super Bowl Ad for Avocados From Mexico

The Super Bowl Ads are starting to roll in ahead of the big game. Jon Lovitz stars in an ad for Avocados From Mexican. In the ad he attempts to hypnotize viewers.

Jon Lovitz's head spins around during the mesmerizing commercial. Lovitz can also be seen holding a bowl of guacamole. Some avocado toast floats around behind him. "Eat them" and "Eat it!" commands Lovitz. He also says, "Come and get it hipsters."

The ad coincides with a hashtag called #AVOSECRETS which lets you "undercover the deepest avocado secrets for a chance to explore the mysteries of the world." More details can be found on

Here is a 30-second teaser of the Super Bowl ad. Take a look:

Image: Avocados From Mexico/YouTube