Joy for All Companion Pet Cats from Hasbro

Posted on June 25, 2016

Joy for All Companion Pet Cat from Hasbro

Some seniors would love to have a pet cat but they may not be able to care for a pet or they may not live in a place that allows pets. This is why Hasbro created the Joy for All Companion Pet cat toy.

The toys were designed to bring comfort and companionship. They mimic real cats with realistic fur, purrs and meows. They have sensors that respond to petting and hugs. Hasbro says, "Companion Pets deliver a soothing, joyful experience that inspires smiles, laughter and fond memories for people of all ages."

Kelly Ripa had one of these toys on her show last month when she was using the odd Licki brush, see here.

There are three different Companion Pet cats avaialble: Creamy White Cat, Silver Cat with White Mitts and Orange Tabby Cat. The silver cat is pictured above. The cats retail for $99.99. They are sold here on and on Here is an official Hasbro video about the animatronic cat toy:

Photo: Hasbro