Juicy Couture Founders Gela and Pamela Become Barbie Dolls

Posted on April 22, 2005

Barbie Dolls versions of the Juicy Couture founders

Charm bracelets are still going strong and Bloomingdales is featuring the Juicy Couture starter bracelet, with charms you can add as you go. With Eva Longoria sporting tracksuits on Desperate Housewives nearly every week, Juicy Couture's terry and velour tracksuits are also selling quite well. We like the Juicy Girls.

Juicy Couture Starter Bracelet

Business Week has the inside scoop on the two girls from Pacoima who founded a fashion empire, Gela Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy.

Business Week says Mattel has created Barbie dolls based on the Juicy Couture founders. They are dressed in pet suits and even have their pet dogs at their sides.

Taylor told Business Week, "We had our biggest honor this year. We're Barbies now."

Barbie Dolls versions of the Juicy Couture founders and their pets

Photos: Juicy Couture/Mattel