Juicy Couture Reducing Sales of Juicy Bottoms in U.S.

Posted on June 10, 2009

Reuters reports that Juicy Couture is reducing the number of "Juicy Bottom" sweatpants it sells in the U.S. These are the sweatpant bottoms that contain the word Juicy on the bottoms that were everywhere just a few years ago.

Juicy Couture, owned by Liz Claiborne Inc, is no longer selling its iconic logo-laden sweatpants widely, though they are still sold on a very limited basis.

"We had some pushback from certain consumers who just don't want it that younger girls especially wear these pants," said Juicy President Edgar Huber this week at the Reuters Global Luxury Summit in New York, adding that the logo and its placement could be spun "in all directions."

"Therefore we reduced this design drastically. It made us famous but now we've reduced it," said Huber.

Reuters notes that Juicy Couture inspired a slew of imitators that started putting logos on its apparel bottoms including Aeropostale and Victoria's Secret. Juicy Couture even sued Victoria's Secret for allegedly stealing its seat-of-the-pants logo idea last year.

The article says Juicy Couture will continue to produce and sell the logo bottoms in Russia and China because Juicy President Edgar Huber says, "If we don't do it, some counterfeit manufacturer in China will find a way to do it."

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