Julia Roberts as Evil Queen and Lily Collins as Snow White in Mirror Mirror

Posted on October 6, 2011

Julia Roberts Red Peacock Dress Evil Queen in Mirror Mirror

New photographs have been released from Relativity's upcoming Snow White movie. The film does not yet have a title, but it does have some fabulous costumes. It stars Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen, Lily Collins as Snow White and Nathan Lane as Brighton. Julia Roberts looks fabulous as the Evil Queen in a large red dress with white peacock-feather embroidery. People also provides a different look at the dress here.

Lily Collins is wearing a swan head with a white gown at a ball in the second photograph and she poses with the seven dwarfs in the third photo.

Lily Collins Snow White Wearing Swan Head in Mirror Mirror

Lily Collins Snow White Wearing Blue Dress and Posing with Seven Dwarfs in Mirror Mirror

You can see more of the newly release Snow White photos at Entertainment Weekly.

Update: The name of the film is Mirror Mirror.

Photos: Jan Thijs/Matthew Rolston/Relativity Media