Just Born Launches Giant Peeps Marshmallow Bunny for Easter 2013

Posted on March 10, 2013

Peeps Giant Marshmallow Bunny

Just Born has launched a Peeps Giant Marshmallow Bunny for Easter. The giant bunny has a green bow tie and is holding a carrot. We suspect this larger-sized Peep will be very popular.

Just Born plans to set a record this Easter by making over 1 billion Peeps. Just Born CEO Ross Born explains when a Peep first gets its Peepsonality. This happes when its eyes are printed on by the decorator machine as it goes down the conveyor belt. This is when the marshmallow becomes either a Peep chick (two eyes) or a Peep bunny (two eyes and a nose). Watch all the Peeps on the conveyor belt in this video. Take a look:

Photo: Just Born, Inc.