Justin Bieber Named Pencils of Promise Global Ambassador

Posted on May 22, 2016

Justin Bieber for Pencils of Promise

Singer Justin Bieber has been named the first global ambassador for Pencils of Promise (PoP). Bieber is donating $1 for every ticket sold during his "Purpose" tour to PoP. PoP says it is able to expand into reach into the high-need eastern region of Ghana this year thanks to Bieber's help.

Bieber is pictured holding honorary giant pencils in the above photograph while wearing a white hoodie. Bieber says, "I'm excited we're able to educate more kids in Ghana because of the Purpose Tour. This is amazing."

PoP initially broke ground in Ghana in 2012. The organization has completed 64 school builds since 2012 and has another 35 in progress. As a result of Bieber's continued support through his "Purpose" tour funding, PoP has started building 7 new schools in the Eastern Region of Ghana, with 6 more on the way. PoP says Bieber has donated millions of dollars to PoP.

Photo: Rory Kramer/PoP