Kate Moss Shares Her Diet Secrets With Lily Allen

Posted on August 8, 2009

Lily Allen is on vacation in with Kate Moss and Kate's daughter in St. Tropez. The Daily Mail features photos of Lily looking quite trim and reports that Lily has been asking Kate for advice on dieting. Kate has kindly shared her secret regime, called "the rock chick diet" which consists of champagne, vodka, coffee and cigarettes. Yum!
According to Closer magazine, Lily recently turned to Kate for help on keeping the weight off. 'Kate's been telling her to try the "rock chick" diet - coffee, cigarettes, vodka and champagne, which are relatively low in calories,' a friend of the star revealed. The friends looked relaxed and happy earlier in the day as they strolled on the beach towards the yacht with Kate's daughter, Lila Grace, aged six, at times walking between them holding each of their hands.
The best thing about the rock chick diet is the fabulous breath it gives you. And, of course, the lung cancer. Oh, and the cirrhosis of the liver. It's a win win, really.
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