Kate Spade and the Killer Sandals

Posted on May 15, 2007

Photo of Kate Spade scorpion sandals

Kate Spade is a genius. These gorgeous black satin jeweled thong sandals are just perfect for summer. The look so lovely and refined, even sweet. Then when your date looks more closely at your lovely tootsies, he asks in amazement, "Are those black scorpions on your sandals?" "Of course. What else would they be?" you reply. And he will worship you. For the rest of the summer, at least.

Kate calls these sandals "Fleur" which means flower in French. Which just makes it all the more fabulous. Perhaps she has a pet scorpion named Fleur? In any event, these summer-making sandals retail for $353.95 at Zappos.com. Oh, and please don't try to tell us that they are actually lobsters, because clearly they are deadly black scorpions.