Katherine Waterston Covers November 2015 Issue of Town & Country

Posted on October 19, 2015

Katherine Waterston covers Town & Country November 2015 issue

Actress Katherine Waterston covers the November 2015 issue of Town & Country. She's wearing a Gucci dress on the cover. The cover shoot was photographed by Terry Richardson.

Katherine stars in two big upcoming films. She stars in the new Steve Jobs movie. She plays Chrisann Brennan, the mother of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs' daughter Lisa. The movie is set to expand to a wide release this weekend. Katherine will also star in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a film set in the Harry Potter universe. Katherine plays Tina Scamander in the film.

Katherine's father, Sam Waterston, was an actor and her mother, Louisa Woodruff, was a top fashion model. The early exposure to the entertainment and fashion industry did not have her wanting to be a child actor. In the Town & Country interview, she says, "I was so naive about the business. Maybe I just perceived it as a grown-up world because it was what my father was doing. I saw him with child actors; I was on set in Louisiana the summer he filmed The Man in the Moon with Reese Witherspoon. I must have been around 10, and I remember feeling some sort of fascination with what Reese was getting to do. But I also felt like it was very separate from me. I didn't know to want to be doing that."

She says her father did not open door for her: "People think the advantage of a parent in the business is that they'll open doors for you. But the true advantage for me is having someone who knows exactly what you're going through. The business is mysterious and hard to navigate, and he really feels that way too. So he's been more of a comforter than an advice-giver, because when it comes to advice, he's like, 'Shit, I don't know.'"

Town & Country says Katherine reportedly beat out Dakota Fanning and Saoirse Ronan for the role of the magizoologist and wife of Newt Scamander (played by Eddie Redmayne). She's not letting the huge role go to her head.

Katherine says, "It still never feels like smooth sailing. About 10 minutes before I found out that I had landed Fantastic Beasts, I got a residual check in the mail for zero dollars. On the check it said 'Advice Slip.' And I was like, 'Well, what's the advice? Go into another line of work?"

You can view more photos from the cover shoot here.

Photo: Town & Country