Kenzo Paris Taps Toilet Paper Magazine for Spring Summer 2015 Campaign

Posted on March 23, 2015

Mona Matsuoka in Kenzo Paris Spring-Summer 2015 campaign

Kenzo Paris is working with Toilet Paper Magazine magazine again for a highly creative Spring-Summer 2015 campaign. Toilet Paper Magazine includes artist Maurizio Cattelan, photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari and art director, Micol Talso. The campaign stars models Mona Matsuoka and Zhao Qinghe.

Some of the campaign images show giant shoes and heels next to skyscrapers. Others show hands interacting with giant rocks and buildings. One of the Kenzo Kids ads shows a boy and a girl standing on Saturn's rings overlooking dinosaurs roaming the Earth. You can all the images from the campaign here on Kenzo's Facebook page.

Legs next to a skyscraper in Kenzo Paris Spring-Summer 2015 campaign

Kids sit on Saturn's rings while dinosaurs roam Earth in Kenzo Kids Spring-Summer 2015 campaign

Photos: Kenzo