KeyMouse Combines a Keyboard and a Mouse Into One Device

Posted on August 24, 2016


KeyMouse combines a keyboard and a mouse into one device. It is billed as a more ergonomic and efficient design. It was named a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree.

KeyMouse founder and CEO Heber Allred says in a statement, "Our goal is to create the ultimate input device, and we are honored to receive this kind of recognition with this award."

KeyMouse has part of the keyboard on the left and the other part on the right. The space bar is located in the thumb area. The device is reprogrammable in case you want to change the keys to different locations.

The KeyMouse was originally slated for an early 2016 release and an estimated $399 retail price. The latest update from KeyMouse says they are still working to manufacture the device. The very first prototypes were displayed at CES 2015 with new models developed in late 2015.

Here is a video of KeyMouse prototypes being used with an Android tablet:

Photo: ZZ, Inc.