Kim Kardashian Takes Selfies in T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad

Posted on February 1, 2015

Kim Kardashian T-Mobile Super Bowl ad

Kim Kardashian stars in a Super Bowl ad this year for T-Mobile. The 30-second ad also aired on Conan. The ad is for T-Mobile's DataStash service. T-Mobile is calling itself the "Un-carrier." A how-to video about selfies was also released. Kim shared the behind-the-scenes photograph above from the campaign on Twitter.

Kim tells a sad story of unused data in the humorous ad. She is very sad because the unused data could have been used to store many pictures of her looking fabulous in her many outfits. Kim makes her pitch in black pants, a black sports bra and a black blazer. Kim can also be seen taking selfies of herself in a tennis skirt, black ski suit and a chick white dress. Kim says that the unused data is "tragic." She says, "Please, help save the data." Take a look:

Kim and T-Mobile also shared a YouTube video about how to take the perfect video. Kim is wearing a white sleeveless dress in the how-to video called "Selfie 101." Kim says to make sure the lighting is perfect. She says her perfect angle is from the chin down. Don't expect to snap just one photograph and then post it on Instagram. Kim says she takes about 300 photographs until she gets the perfect selfie.

Photo: Kim Kardashian