Ice Cube Trays and Molds

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Ice cubes don't have to be boring. Here you will find innovate ice cube trays and mold products to help you make lots of different shaped ice cubes.

  • Starbucks Testing Coffee Ice Cubes at Select Locations
    Starbucks is testing coffee ice at select locations. They also have a coffee ice cube recipe. (2017-05-18)

  • Make Moon-shaped Ice With Ice Ball Moon
    Make moon-shaped ice with the the Ice Ball Moon silicone mold. It is dishwasher safe. (2016-08-26)

    The Scream Ice Cube Tray Makes Scream Shaped Cubes
    The Scream ice cube tray from Fred & Friends makes little scream faced ice cubes. (2016-07-09)

    Freezthat Ice Cube Tray Freezes in Ten Minutes
    The Freezthat ice cube tray was designed to freeze in just ten minutes. It is hexagon shaped. (2016-06-02)

    Virgin Atlantic Launches Sir Richard Branson Ice Cubes
    Virgin Atlantic has launched "Little Richard" ice cubes. (2012-05-19)

    Ice Cube Tray Makes Ice in the Shape of Alien Eggs
    ThinkGeek has launched the Alien Egg Ice Cube Tray. (2012-05-05)

  • Ice Shape and Size Crucial to a Great Drink
    The key to a great drink can be found in this Wall Street Journal article. (2011-04-24)

  • Diamond Ice Mold Makes Diamond Shaped Ice
    This special ice mold makes a diamond shaped ice for your drink. (2010-03-06)

    Ice Cubes Shaped Like Easter Island Statues
    A fun break from regular ice cubes is to make cubes with different shapes.These cubes are shaped like Easter Island statues. (2009-10-15)

    Unique Ice Trays From ThinkGeek
    If you are tired of ordinary ice cubes then ThinkGeek has several different options for you. (2009-03-01)

    Glace Luxury Ice is Spherical and Made With Purified Water
    Glace Luxury Ice is a new ice product that promises "perfectly spherical" 2. (2009-02-16)

  • The Rise of the Ice Snob
    What exactly is in the ice you use? Is it perfectly clear? Is the correct shape? Are you an ice snob? (2008-08-09)