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Pool Float Tea Infuser Floats in Your Mug
Fred & Friends has a cute line of tea infusers that resemble popular pool floats. They come in unicorn, flamingo and swan styles. (2019-06-30)

Tea Turtle Infuser Can Perch on Your Mug
The Tea Turtle Infuser can perch on your mug while making your tea. (2016-08-10)

Mr. Tea Infuser Perches Atop Your Tea Cup
The Mr. Tea Infuser is a silicone rubber tea infuser that perches atop your tea cup to hold your tea. (2013-07-05)

Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser
The Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser is a stainless steel tea infuser molded to look like the Death Star. (2012-08-28)

Tea Rex is a Dinosaur Tea Infuser
Tea Rex is a silicone tea infuser shaped like Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the most fearsome predators to ever walk the Earth. (2011-12-28)

TeaSub: Little Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser
This clever tea infuser, called the TeaSub, will have everyone singing the famous Beatles song. (2010-03-21)