Kmart's Joe Boxer Jingle Bells Commercial Has Some Outraged

Posted on November 18, 2013

Kmart has a new holiday commercial out for its Joe Boxer line of boxers. In the commercial, men wearing tuxedo jackets and colorful Joe Boxer boxers move to the tune of the holiday classics, "Jingle Bells." The boxers are all Christmas themed, except for one man's boxers - his are gold with a smiley face. The Huffington Post reports that some viewers are disgusted and outraged by the ad and have left angry comments here on the Kmart Facebook page. There are also many people posting comments in favor of the ad on Kmart's Facebook page.

Kmart has no plans to cancel the ad. A Kmart spokesperson told Huffpo, "The Kmart 'Show Your Joe' commercial playfully showcases Joe Boxer's men's clothing available at Kmart. We regret if some people found the commercial offensive, as that was not our intent."

Here is the "Show Your Joe" ad. People on YouTube are overwhelmingly in favor of men in boxers performing "Jingle Bells." Likes outnumber dislikes by about 6,000 to 300 on the video's YouTube page. Take a look:

Joe Boxer Smiley Gold Metallic Boxer Shorts

Photo: Joe Boxer