Kota the Rideable Triceratops

Posted on October 9, 2008

Kota Rideable toy Dinosaur

A new robotic dinosaur is available for kids called Kota the Triceratops. Kota is interactive, rideable, makes dinosaur noises and even munches on leafy greens. It has a movable head, tail and horns thanks to digital sensors in eleven different places. It is big enough to hold a little kid as you can see in the photograph. There is a handle hidden behind Kota's head that kids can hold onto while riding him. The toy dino is 40-inches long. It requires six D batteries to operate. Kota retails for $299.99.

In the video below, IEEE Spectrum says Playskool may be trying to channel some of the success of the popular robotic dinosaur baby named Pleo that generated lots of buzz last year. Kota's awfully cute. Take a look:

Photo: Playskool