Krispy Kreme to Offer Bottled Iced Coffee at Select Walmart Stores

Posted on February 4, 2014

Krispy Kreme iced coffee

Krispy Kreme announced it will soon start offering bottled iced coffee in select Walmart stores. The coffee includes Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Iced Coffee and Krispy Kreme Mocha Iced Coffee. The 9.5oz bottles will cost $1.98. They will be available in over 900 Walmart locations. A Krispy Kreme press release does not mention plans to make the beverages available at any other retailers.

Brad Wall, senior vice president of Krispy Kreme, said in a statement, "People have been satisfying their craving for our doughnuts and coffee for 76 years. Making our premium quality coffee available to consumers through the convenience of ready-to-drink is part of our continuing efforts to build awareness and equity in our coffee program."

Photo: Krispy Kreme